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At Zen DevOps we are always reading, whiteboarding, or experimenting. This allows us to constantly learn and refine our thoughts and solutions to produce the best results.

It’s also incredibly fun.


We stand on the shoulders of giants and we believe in sharing what we know. By sharing with each other, we all accomplish more.

Embracing Change

The world of software development is changing constantly. By embracing change we can focus on creating automation and frameworks to react to change with minimal disruption.

In this way, we borrow from the Zen idea of “Don’t Know Mind”. We embrace not knowing:

  • “When will we need to do an emergency deployment?” Don’t know.
  • “When will a critical piece of hardware fail?” Don’t know.
  • “When will a security vulnerability be discovered and need immediate patching?” Don’t know.
  • “When will we experience a traffic spike?” Don’t know.
  • “How long until the next organizational restructuring?” Don’t know.

We accept that we don’t know, and we design for change by putting in place tools and processes that allow us to react with agility.


Eric Wyles

Hi, I'm Eric, founder, author, and editor at Zen DevOps. I am a software developer and architect who is passionate about digital transformation and sharing what I know. You can find more info about me on the About page of this site. Please feel free to reach out to me here or on social media. @ericwyles | LinkedIn

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